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The pan-European institute for

Information Protection, Cyber DeFense and Network Security

The objectives of the IPCyDeFaNS Project are to:

  • Create, implement and operate an advanced data security solution that conforms to and exceeds European Union data security standards.
  • Vastly improve the speed, ease of use, reliability and effectiveness of data security as a system, over any existing architectures/solutions. This objective is necessary because it is these very qualities which significantly contribute to a high security systems’ very effectiveness.
  • Significantly increase the operational and technical security levels of most of the information systems (from end users, SME(s) to large data centers).
  • Put European technology at the forefront of data security to offer an EU developed data security solution alternative to European-owned data centers – rather than from elsewhere in the world.

The tools and components of the projects’ architecture will leverage the state-of-the-art techniques and technologies in areas such as Asset Management, SIEM, data analytics (including Big Data) and visualisation, threat intelligence, malware analysis and cyber security information exchange in order to efficiently manage information security risks and controls within an organization.

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This architecture will then undergo a proof of concepts phase involving implementation as a complete deployment. The research results gained from this proof of concept stage will be used to further improve effectiveness and verify optimum configurations for the most demanding data centers.

Taking into account the large variety of IT systems and architectures in use in today’s data centers, the projects will strive to promote interoperability through the use of globally accepted open standards and wider uptake of any proposed solutions.

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